Browser Summary  

The Browser Summary identifies the most popular web browsers used to visit this site.
Browsers are broken down by recognized categories such as Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, WebTV, Opera and the like. Within each category is also a subgroup by version number such as 'MSIE 5.0' or 'Netscape 4.5'.

This report shows the first 15 results by number of requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Browser Summary: Number of requests by Browser Type.

Browser TypeNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.Netscape (compatible)23,183245.607 MB17,389
2.Safari18,680355.973 MB12,478
    Safari/53715,278323.059 MB10,774
    Safari/6021,97118.093 MB1,037
    Safari/95376776.484 MB261
    Safari/6012642.290 MB122
    Safari/6002362.584 MB139
    Safari/6031011.361 MB48
    Safari/53476596.548 KB35
    Safari/538341.061 MB28
    Safari/53331338.838 KB27
    Safari/8536974.315 KB4
    Safari/535115.305 KB1
    Safari/53612.120 KB1
    Safari/419139.796 KB1
3.Firefox4,983116.665 MB3,770
    Firefox/4386929.873 MB869
    Firefox/5276620.673 MB593
    Firefox/5368617.763 MB514
    Firefox/4462520.808 MB625
    Firefox/6423110.707 KB0
    Firefox/502716.059 MB180
    Firefox/512394.209 MB146
    Firefox/542311.810 MB107
    Firefox/31551.408 MB155
    Firefox/40108814.754 KB106
    Firefox/47983.146 MB87
    Firefox/41882.402 MB88
    Firefox/45862.945 MB77
    Firefox/23622.379 MB62
    Firefox/4849380.449 KB29
    Firefox/3534306.910 KB14
    Firefox/4932227.793 KB13
    Firefox/242795.865 KB11
    Firefox/1916338.464 KB16
    Firefox/2615155.636 KB14
4.Mozilla3,62026.496 MB1,330
    Mozilla/2219.113 KB2
    Mozilla/1219.654 KB2
5.MSIE2,18930.369 MB1,966
    MSIE/61,43420.972 MB1,432
    MSIE/93016.221 MB210
    MSIE/72952.102 MB243
    MSIE/1097430.316 KB28
    MSIE/857599.713 KB49
    MSIE/1129.859 KB1
    MSIE/5219.654 KB2
    MSIE/4141.078 KB1
6.courts.wabashcounty85.us6090.000 B0
7.circuit.wabashcounty85.us3100.000 B0
8.superior.wabashcounty85.us3000.000 B0 B0 B0 B0
12.panscient.com169700.174 KB93
13.ltx71 - (http:10194.384 KB7
    ltx71 - (http://ltx7110194.384 KB7
14.Opera71195.882 KB70
    Opera/968144.632 KB68
    Opera/8139.847 KB1
    Opera/11110.134 KB1
    Opera/1211.270 KB0
15.Wotbox57669.687 KB52
    Wotbox/257669.687 KB52
 [not listed: 47]5764.068 MB325

This report was generated on July 17, 2017 18:36.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 19:19 to July 13, 2017 18:53.

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